Summer Reading List 2015

It’s that time of the year again! That time where it gets hot; so hot that all you can do is stare at your bookshelf and realize the absurd amount of books that you have not yet gotten around to reading yet.

Or maybe that’s just me, but everyone else has begun posting their summer reading lists, and sometimes it’s easier to be a follower. So I’ve stared endlessly at my bookshelf and figured out with logical precision my 11 books to read this summer.

They will probably not be in this order because my summer will include a lot of coming-and-going, but here’s to hoping they’ll be some fab lit.


1. Henning Mankell’s The Pyramid

We’ll start with our friends in the north and cover Scandinavian crime novels. I love mysteries for beach reads, and Hendell has so far not left me disappointed. I’ve become semi-obsessed with the Wallander series, but naturally, I am reading them out of order. I’m hoping to return to The Pyramid and start from the beginning. You know, where you’re supposed to start.


One of the many faces of Kurt Wallander.

2. Tove Jansson’s Moominsummer Madness

If there’s another series that I have become pretty obsessed with, it is the Moomins. So what if they’re written on a 4th grade reading level? Their little adventures are so Finnish, so sans any existential woes that it makes it light to read, especially when paired with some of the heavier reading material I have planned.


Who is putting their foot on the Moomins?!

3. Vladimir Sorokin’s Day of the Oprichnik


I’ll be working on filling my Russian quota for the summer with this little gem that’s been sitting on my shelf for the better part of two years.

4. Gary Shteyngart’s Absurdistan


Not to be confused with the very bizarre 2008 German-French film about Slavic women withholding sex from their men that shares the same name.

5. Geoffrey Miller’s Spent: Sex, Evolution, and Consumer Behavior


I don’t even remember how I came to own this book. But I best have some nonfiction in the mix.

6. Gillian Flynn’s Gone Girl


I’ll jump on the bandwagon and see what everyone is talking about, but I can’t promise I’ll like it or that I’ll get around to seeing the movie.

7. Emile Zola’s The Masterpiece


Zola is one of my favorite writers. Germinale is a sort of version of literary perfection for me, and though I don’t think The Masterpiece is necessarily held up to its beloved older brother, I’m looking forward to seeing Zola’s work unfold into another very Parisian novel.

8. Simon Winchester’s The Professor and the Madman


Another nonfiction text that has been sitting on my shelf from an unknown location. Where are these books coming from?!

9. Kurban Said’s Ali and Nino: A Love Story


I don’t really know what this book is going to be about. All I know is that based on the cover of the novel, I’m not getting attached to anyone.

10. Norton Juster’s The Phantom Tollbooth


Who really needs a reason to read the best children’s story ever?

Cheers to summer reading! What’s on your list?

Bless, bless. Coco


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