Ciao, September!


You know how when the universe is really trying to tell you something, the signs are literally everywhere?

Well, here’s hoping that I’ll win a magical, all expenses paid trip to Italy, because all of a sudden, there seems to be an Italian theme going on in my life.


Everywhere I look, there’s something Italian. A movie, a book, a piece of art, a bizarre pop song that makes you shake your head in shame. The strange thing is that it’s been literally all at once, as if the universe is trying to drop a major hint.

One of the possible catalysts of this cosmic hinting is the fact that my baby brother is preparing for a school voyage to Italy as part of his Latin studies this spring, so perhaps, this subconsciously pushed me to brush just the surface of the film and lit of this country; aka, the Italian stuff I have on my shelf.


This is not one of the books I will be reviewing, but I sort of wish it was.

After all, I know little-to-nothing about this country, one where my paternal heritage is drawn from and one that I can only imagine is so delicious.

Because of this, we will welcome fall with open arms by making September’s theme on AIA an Italian one. I’ll be contemplating several Italian films during this month, as well as reviewing some classic and modern texts from different Italian authors.


It will be a hodgepodge, of course, because mostly, it is stuff that has been sitting on my shelf for far too long. The movies have been sitting in my queue for even longer (sorry, queue). But I’m looking forward to it! It’s definitely a theme I hadn’t considered before.

After all, what goes better with September than those fattening Pumpkin Spice Lattes and Italy?



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